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Procurement & supply


The purpose is to coordinate and supervise the functions of the unit necessary for provision to the Hospital of expertise and services in procurement, storage and supply of goods and services.


1. To advise the management on matters pertaining to the procurement of goods and services and logistics management in the Hospatal;

2. To ensure that the Facility adhere to procurement processes and procedures as per Public Procurement Act;

3. To develop and facilitate implementation of an annual procurement plan for the Hospital;

4. To procure, maintain and manage supplies, materials, and services to support the logistical requirements of the Hospital;

5. To ensure proper handling and storage, adequate and timely distribution of office supplies and materials;

6. To coordinate maintenance and updating of inventory of goods, supplies and materials;

7. To provide Secretariat services to the Regional Tender Board as per PPA, 2004 and its Regulations of 2005; and

8. To oversee disposal of unwanted materials.

9. To liaise with other sections heads to ensure their respective annual procurement plans are timely prepared and submitted to supplies unit for incorporation 

     into the annual procurement plan for the facility.

10. To supervise and coordinate sourcing and ordering of all supplies or materials and services as per annual procurement plan.

11. To facilitate prompt and efficient provision of supplies services to all sections

12. To prepare reports on supplies and materials management.

13. To facilitate provision of replies to all audit queries.

14. To participate in identifying capacity building, training and development opportunities for staff found with capacity gaps and training needs.

15. Head of procurement management unit.

16. To perform any other duty as directed by the Chief Executive officer.