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Hospital Administration, planning/budgeting


  1. Providing administrative and operational advice on everyday issues concerning the implementation of health activities for leaders and stakeholders.
  2.  Managing resources and tools to run the health service. 
  3. Coordinating the development of health programs in its work.
  4. Coordinating the preparation of financial estimates and Health Related activities.
  5. Preparing reports of operations and implementation of monthly, quarterly and year-round.
  6. Providing interpretation of the guidelines, principles and various government documents relating to health issues.
  7. Coordinating relations between the centers of health services and customer / Category.
  8. Coordinating care for patients who are not able to contribute to the cost of health care.
  9. Coordinating administrative appeal procedures to patients.
  10. Coordinating, analyzing and storing data and Hospital  health records.
  11. Secretary of the Steering Committee meetings Hospital  health services.
  12. Tange staff preparing its area of work.
  13. Performing other tasks set by his superior work-related education, experience and his skills.