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Njombe regional referral hospital was established in the year 2016. Initially the services were being provided using Njombe town council facility namely Kibena. Following construction and completion of new OPD buildings in mid 2019, the Regional Referral Hospital has transferred its services to new facility situated at Mgodechi area which is about 7 kilometers from town centre. Thanks to the current Government under his Exellency Dr John Joseph Pombe Magufuli for his leadership and focus on improving health care system.

The facility catchment area covers all six councils of Njombe region which has 24,994square kilometer. Total population in the catchment area amounts to 803,529, of which the number of female population is 421,889, males is 381,410 and children of under five years amounts to 108,780.

To effect referral system, Patients are brought from low health facilities by ambulances which includes District hospitals and nearby health centers. In case the facility has no ambulance and the patient is in dire situation then the ambulance is dispatched from the Regional Referral hospital to fetch the patient.

The hospital is now under construction of several new buildings including Emergence building, surgical buildings, incinerator, Laundry, Obstetric and children building as well as 5 staff houses. We are optimistic that after completion of all units of the Hospital, this facility will be most modern and cutting edge facility in southern highlands.